Padua is one of the most ancient city of Italy, however through its streets a constant and charming dialogue between antiquity and modernity, tradition and avant-garde, can be noticed. Throughout the dynamic urban pattern, different examples of Medieval, Renaissance, Neoclassical and Modern architecture can be found.

Padua is a sparkling city, rich in history, art, culture and vibrancy. Visiting Padua means to breath the spirituality of its churches, the perfumes of its teeming markets, and, at the same time, the dynamism of life.

Visiting Padua means also diving into all-time art masterpieces, into the thousand-year old history of the city, into the multifaceted science…


Among various points of interest, you cannot miss: Scrovegni Chapel, Eremitani Church and Town Museum, Palazzo della Ragione and its surrounding Squares, the Cathedral and the Baptistery, Padua University and Pedrocchi Café, Saint Anthony Basilica, Saint George Oratory, the “Scoletta”, Botanical Garden, Prato della Valle, the Abbey of Saint Justina, the Walls and the Gates of the city…



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