The Fishmarket


The fishmarket in Chioggia is an ancient institution, since the fishing has always been one of the most important activity of the city. The colorful market is located between the square and Canal Vena, behind Palazzo Granaio and it host about 30 stations of fishmongers, called “mògnoli”, who sell all kinds of fish, because Chioggia is also a meeting place for foreign fishmongers. The main entry of the market is a big arch called “Portale a Prisca”, sculpted by Amleto Sartori.

The fresh fish is unloaded from the fishing vessels at the wholesale market at 4:00 in the morning and, after the price negotiations, it’s distributed to other cities and to other Italian and European markets. The local production, which is appreciated for organoleptic properties due to the shallow water, includes different specialties: some exquisite as soles, basses, giltheads or sea scallops and some modest as anchovies and sardines.

The demand of fish at an affordable cost (squids, mantis shrimps, prawns, crabs and octopuses) and also that one of mussels is always very high.

The fishmarket of Chioggia has always been a necessary step for tourists thanks to its vivacity.


It is possible to visit the fishmarket every morning except on monday.