Marciliana Palio

Every year, the third weekend of June, Chioggia becomes the location of a Medieval Festival: Marciliana Palio, which runs through the historic period before the War of Chioggia.

Five quarters (S. Martino, S. Michele, Montalbano, S. Andrea, S. Giacomo) with hundreds of people: musicians, swordsmen, drummer boys, dancers, crossbowmen stage Chioggia medieval past, when the town was the Salt Capital of Europe.

The staging and events represented follow an historical theme, that covers everyday life and the most important events of the 14th century.

It takes place on the main street in Chioggia (Corso del Popolo), which is set up with several banquets and taverns, Montalbano’s tower, army camps and small old shops. One of the most important event is the “crossbow palio”.

In the evening the festival ends with a big parade preceded by some theme shows as the fire at the tower or everyday scenes which are set up in the streets, in the square or near the canal.

This event takes his name from a typical ancient ship of Chioggia, which was used to transport goods: the marciliana.