Horseback Riding

All year round, from coast to rivers, the territories of Chioggia, Sottomarina and Isolaverde offer the chance to have a gorgeous walk on seashore, across gardens, along river banks or into the Mediterranean woods.

You can ride your horse following several naturalistic itineraries, in a slow trip gait. You can enjoy the view of the low lands, dedicated to horticulture; of Brenta, Bacchiglione and Adige river mouths; of the natural protected area of Bosco Nordio; of the beautiful seashore of Isolaverde and Sottomarina. Last but not least, you can taste our typical products.

Flat country itineraries of the area are easy: they run along rivers such as Adige and Brenta, or the coast of the southern lagoon of Venice.

Horseback riding tourism is a different and suggestive way for exploring, enjoying these areas and spending a vacation dedicated to sport and nature.

Before starting any itinerary, please contact the horse centre for hiring a horse riding guide and receiving information about path complexity and potential problems.


Centro Ippico Tenuta Santa Grazia

Address: Via delle Nazioni Unite, Località Isolaverde

30015 Chioggia (VE)

Telephone: +39 335 5811315