Typical Products

Chioggia, Sottomarina and Isolaverde boast good taste and aromas, that are the expression of a generous land, sea and lagoon. Visiting these places means discovering a territory made not only of breath-taking panoramas, works of art and amusement, but also of products that make the land and water of Chioggia, Sottomarina and Isolaverde places to taste in every season.

This enchanting journey can be either rich in aromas, fragrances and tastes or charged with traditions, that then reflects themselves in our typical food.

Here the marriage between the capital of sea and lagoon fishing and the horticultural centre, created a culinary tradition with humble origins, due to the need of conserving food and of following the season and calendar feast days.

Regarding fish products, beside mussels, clams, we can taste eels, basses, mullets, moeche and masanete (little crabs), sardele and sardoni (sardines and anchovies), Chioggia cuttlefish…

Chioggia, Sottomarina and Isolaverde will amaze you also with vegetables like red radicchio, red beetroot, carrot, giant-chicory, white onion, potato, green celery and sea-pumpkin.

Whereas our territories will delight you also with our baked products like bossolà (typical crisp ring-shaped bread), galani, pevarini, sagagiardi (typical pastries), smegiasse (the typical winter cakes), and torta ciosota (a cake made from carrots and radicchio) and many other delicious cakes.

Finally, … to cap it all, the barena honey.