Po Delta Park

You can reach Po Delta Park in less than an hour’s drive from Chioggia.

This naturalistic oasis offers tourists, eager to know and visit it, a good choice of activities and excursions. It is possible to dive into this territory by bicycle, by boat or by walking. Po Delta is rich in surprises and worth getting to know better.




Caleri Lagoon; Mouths of the river Po of Pila; Lagoons among Po of Tolle, Lighthouse of Goro and Love Island; Po of Maistra and Floodplain of Ca’ Pisani; Scano Boa…

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Land Reclamation Regional Museum 

Protected areas such as Porto Caleri Botanical Garden, Ca’ Pisani, Ca’ Zen, Panarella, Po of Goro;

Fossil dunes, Scano Boa, Batteria Island;

Birdwatching in the southern area: Valli Road, Ca’ Mello Oasis, Canelle Valley and Po of Maistra;

Historical and archaeological areas, with the National Archaeological Museum of Adria, San Basilio, Land Reclamation Road and Santa Maria in Punta;

Tourist Centre of Porto Viro Park.

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Within the park, there will always be appointments with exhibits and festival.

Keep in contact for Po Delta events.



Tourist office of Porto Levante

Frazione di Porto Levante, 25/B Porto Viro (RO)

+39 3204314300


Tourist office of Rosolina Mare

Viale dei Pini, 4 Rosolina (RO)

+39 042668012

+39 0426326020