The Holy Trinity Church

The Holy Trinity Church of Chioggia, also called “dei Rossi”, is one of the most ancient and important monuments of the city and it’s situated in Piazza XX Settembre. The current building is a seventeenth century remake of a previous holy reconstruction of the sixteenth century. The Church, in its current structure, has been realized in 1705 by the architect Andrea Tirali, who had already realized the floor of Piazza San Marco in Venice.

The structure of the church has the typical Greek cross plan. Inside this complex there is also the Oratory of the Confraternita dei Rossi, which originally it was called Confraternita dei Battuti – a confraternity founded by the friar Paolo Barbieri in 1525 – but it changed the name by taking it from the red colour of the penitential robe worn by the brothers.

It’s not difficult to recognize the Tintoretto style in every painting, in fact the local artists certainly took inspiration from him. You can find also a beautiful crucifix of the 16th century and the famous wooden sculpture which represents the Holy Trinity, realized in the 18th century. The big crucifix is the most ancient artwork of the whole building.




Thursday:  9.00 am  – 12.00 pm

from Friday to Sunday: 3.00  – 5.00 pm



Thursday: 9.00 am – 12.00 pm

Friday: 8.30 – 10.30 pm

Sunday: 6.00 – 8.00 pm (during June and July)



Piazza XX Settembre, Chioggia

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